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Hello.  Hola. Kia Ora. G’Day. Kaya.

I’m Lizzy.  I am a project professional, photographer, foto folder©, meditation practitioner, coach, seeker, partner to an amazing man and teacher, and a counselling student. I live in Western Australia, the most remote and unique area of the world where the timespan of history is forever present in the vast nature.

Did you know that in nature there are trillions of design possibilities?  These foto folds© are of a red moss covered granite rock in the southwest region of Western Australia that has been foto folded by me to reveal astonishing patterns.  The patterns express the identify of the rock and its history.  Take a close look.

So if nature is so full of brilliant designs, why are we designing our lives to be just like some social media star, our parents, friends or whomever we think knows better?  I want to take you on a journey to design your own life.  Find the uniqueness that is you.

I will share with you where I have been – living in the United States, Morocco, Chile, New Zealand, and now Western Australia.  I did not opt for the obvious, according to my family, which was getting married, having children,  being a housewife, and a socialite.  Nope.  I chose to design my own life, sometimes chaotically and occasionally with a plan.

Come join me.  Let’s have a natter about what matters in life!  Let’s talk about designing a life that is simply and uniquely yours.

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Welcome. Ahlaan Bik.  Bienvenido.  Nua Mai.  Wanju.




A granite rock with red moss, reflected, refracted and reimagined in foto folding.  All photos are copyrighted to Lizzy Design. For permission to use the designs, contact Lizzy.